The company SAFAR is manufacturer
of made to measure seat and car covers for
the aftermarket since 35 years,

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The seat covers are manufactured for the two SIDE AIRBAG systems:

Self-breaking thread method:

This method is based on the concept of a weakened area.

Developped by our designers, the seat cover is sewed with a special thread on a defined stitch length.

When the airbag inflates, the seam splits without any  restriction.


Plastic carter method:

The seat covers are developed with a special open area.

The material has been cut just around the plastic carter, and so in case of shock the airbag inflates without any restriction.


Our know-how and professionalism do offer a real guarantee of security:

  • ReliabilityDynamic airbag crash test carried out in laboratories were all successful (UTAC/TÜV/SERCOVAM)
  • Trust and partnership with the biggest car manufacturers and importers.
  • ISO 9001 – 2000 QUAL/2000/15049 certified



For the selection of our fabric, SAFAR applies strict standards concerning flammability, tear and color resistance to light and rubbing. 

The manufacturing quality is ensured by our Developpment department / CAD cutting machine / CAM and with our sewing machines which do have a programmable memory.



SAFAR offers:

The following quality;

  • Seat covers tailored made which do respect the original fittings
  • High quality OEM fabric with reinforced lining against tearing or slipping
  • With ”Airbag” label to mention the special characteristic of the seat cover, each airbag side of the backrest covers is cleary identified
  • 100 % Manufactured and made in France

The following services;

  • Delivered with fitting instructions for each model 
  • Possibility to order just one backrest whenever the side airbags did burst out.


Warning: We remind you that is it strictly forbidden to install seat covers, which are NOT made for seats with side airbags, on vehicles which are equipped WITH side airbags.


SAFAR - 30, bd des Saulniers - 35370 ARGENTRÉ-DU-PLESSIS, FRANCE - Tel. 00 33 2 99 96 56 41 Mentions légales - Agence Epoke / 2013