The company SAFAR is manufacturer
of made to measure seat and car covers for
the aftermarket since 35 years,

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Car covers for indoors - made to measure 

The product

  • Fits the car perfectly
  • Has special wing mirror locations
  • Made of fluid material: quick and easy installation and removal
  • Is re-usable: easy to stock
  • Is machine washable (30°C)
  • Can be personalized with your logo, your company name, name of the model ......

Strenghtens your brand identity 

For you, as professional, the car cover can be used for: 

  • Animation: creates curiosity and the desire to discover the new vehicle at the launchement.
  • Hand-over process: makes from the moment of delivery a great moment.
  • Time-winning organisation: once prepared and washed,  the car stays clean until your customer comes and pick  it up.

Car covers can be developed especcially for you, according to your personal demands. So do not hesitate to contact us!! 

For you, as end customer

The car cover does protect your vehicle coachwork from agressions such as scratches, dust or small impacts. 


Safarauto advantages

We offer you:

  • One-year guarantee
  • Hand manufactured product 100% made in France.
  • Different storage facilities:  carton draw box or bag


SAFAR - 30, bd des Saulniers - 35370 ARGENTRÉ-DU-PLESSIS, FRANCE - Tel. 00 33 2 99 96 56 41 Mentions légales - Agence Epoke / 2013