The company SAFAR is manufacturer
of made to measure seat and car covers for
the aftermarket since 35 years,

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Universal shape

Protects your car from external agressions! 
Dirt, scratches...

Our car covers are made to resist: 

  • To bad weather, humidity, frost, snow, UV rays.
  • To animals faeces (birds...).
  • To dust, dirt or tree's seepage.

An optimal protection:

  • PVC material : Waterproof and resistant (from +85°C to -30°C).
  • Wadded on the inside:  gives a soft protection to the paint and coachwork.
  • Elastic edged:  keeps the car cover well fixed.
  • Universal sized: can be used for different sizes and models of cars.
  • Colour: light grey, easy colour to keep clean.
  • Washable. 

Used by professionnals

For fleet, to protect the new or used vehicles, those who belong to your customer and those which are waiting to be delivered.

Used by private customers

Without garage, keeps the car dry and clean. 

Available for 98% of the car makes and models used in Europe

SAFAR - 30, bd des Saulniers - 35370 ARGENTRÉ-DU-PLESSIS, FRANCE - Tel. 00 33 2 99 96 56 41 Mentions légales - Agence Epoke / 2013